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Endorsed by:
Dr. Peggy Harris Willcuts, recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching
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"I am amazed at the number and quality of experiences you have incorporated! I see this as a big hit and a fine program"
Ms Barbara W. Brimm
Educational Consultant, Curriculum Counselling and Assessments. Ada, OH



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Kids thrive on activity, fun and rewards--all great motivational tools. Integrating academics with hands-on lessons and the excitement of discovery brings the learning experience to life. Gardening provides the perfect dynamic to accomplish this, and rewards help keep things moving ahead.

In the Kids Gardening Award Program, you'll enjoy seeing our rewards-within-reach design ignite a child's enthusiasm to pursue their lesson goals -as they discover that achievement is fun!

The complete program, contained in our 66-page Gardening Adventures Workbook, is a MULTI-LEVEL garden-based curriculum that will introduce your children to a valuable skill and lifetime resource, while motivating them to apply themselves in:

Biology Geography Math Vocabulary Art
Zoology Soil Science History Photography Crafts
Botany Weather Spelling Seed Saving Drawing
Cooking Nutrition Harvest  
-With clear instructions, lessons, projects, charts, graphs, maps, fun pages and incentives incorporated throughout.

The Award Certificate: Students keep track of points they earn every step of the way, as they complete each lesson. Point totals keep adding up for their Official Award Certificate.

Contests: offers contests coordinated with the workbook, to encourage outstanding effort and performance.

It's a system that works!

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Biggest Vegetable Contest

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*Garden Art
*Insect Research
*Garden Recipe

*Group Workbooks

Official Award Certificates in every workbook

What's in a name? Well, our Kids Gardening Award Program is a mouthful of necessary information. But to make it easier for everyone, the acronym address will also bring you right here. In fact, just plain works, too.

Try it, you'll like it !